I have written approximately 1,395 articles as well as e-books, Kindle books, and traditional print books, both under my own name and for my ghostwriting clients. My clients have included Fortune 500 companies and best-selling Amazon authors. You can read many of my articles at the news website Archive News, where I served as head writer and chief editor:

Archive News
You can also find my articles at JK Worthy, where I contributed on 28 topics in niches ranging from home improvement and cooking to insurance and retirement planning to pistol shooting and poker:

JK Worthy

You can read samples of my book Publishing for Publicity along with reader reviews on Amazon’s website:

Publishing for Publicity cover small

Publishing for Publicity: How to Promote Your Business with a Book

You can also see my Kindle book Learn How to Write Fast on Amazon:

Learn How to Write Fast cover small

Learn How to Write Fast

Below are some links to enlarged images of samples of my fiction, how-to writing, and copywriting for small businesses. At the bottom are some images from some book projects I’ve worked on.

Clicking the links will open the images in separate windows. A magnifying glass icon will appear that you can use to zoom in for a closer look.

Some details have been blacked out to protect confidentiality.

Fiction, how-to writing, and copywriting samples:

Fiction: An excerpt from my forthcoming vampire novel.

Nonfiction Article: From my ghostwritten article “Kidney Stone Herbal Remedies”

Ebook: Excerpts from my ebook 8 Steps to Copywriting Success.





Flyer: A flyer included in a direct mail package for a seminar I promoted.

Brochure: Outside and inside panels from a brochure for an herbal company.

1: Outside panels

2: Inside panels

Direct Mail Package: 5 pages representing the main body of a longer direct mail package promoting a seminar.

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Page 5

Samples from some of my favorite book projects:

I was honored to do the copywriting for the cover and sales page of Sandy Doell’s Mom’s Field Guide. I have also been privileged to give an editorial preview and proofread to my friend Barry Pearl’s mammoth masterpiece on the history of Marvel Comics, The Essential Marvel Age Reference Project. Images from both of these fine books are displayed below. If you look closely you will see a raving review of Barry’s book by Spider-Man co-creator Stan “The Man” Lee.

Book Cover sample 1

Book Cover sample 2

Book Editing sample 1

Book Editing sample 2

Book Editing sample 3