Technical Writing

A good technical writer needs to be able to understand a complex subject and express it in simple language. One secret to this is being able to break ideas down into their basic building blocks and then reassemble them step-by-step for the reader. Another is expressing ideas simply and directly, without technical jargon or convoluted grammar.

I’ve trained for over two decades to develop these skills. I’ve handled the most difficult technical subjects in my writing career. My first published article was an award-winning paper on the philosophical implications of quantum physics. I’ve worked as a technical writer for power companies and thermostat companies, where I had to deal with things as complex as electrical wiring diagrams for nuclear plants.

But no matter how complex the subject, I strive to make it easy for my reader to understand. I use journalism and copywriting techniques to make my technical writing easy to read. One of my articles has been used by an Emmy-winning college professor to teach his creative writing students how to write about technical subjects in a readable style. Computer users frustrated with learning new software frequently come to me for clear, step-by-step directions on how to solve their technical support problems.

If you need a technical idea presented in a way that’s easy to read and understand, I can help you. I offer technical writing services in a variety of formats, including:

  • Software manuals and documentation
  • Proposals
  • Specifications
  • Technical articles, papers, abstracts, and reports

Let me know about your technical writing needs by using the form on the Contact page and I’ll be happy to discuss how I can help you.