Writing Services

What are the most important things you should look for when you hire a writer for writing services? Employers and contractors who work with writers regularly say they look for eight key things:

  • Helpful: Easy to work with; puts the client or team and the project first
  • Reliable: Follows directions and meets deadlines
  • Problem Solver: Proactively offers solutions to your problems
  • Practical: Understands the business side of writing and how to make your message meet your marketing goals
  • Readable: Gets your point across clearly and concisely
  • Accurate: Gets spelling, punctuation, and grammar right the first time
  • Professional: Delivers quality content that makes you look good
  • Affordable: Delivers value that’s worth the price

These are the qualities you get when you hire me. I have two decades of experience serving a wide range of satisfied clients on virtually every type of writing project. I honed my skills in the desktop publishing department of a bank, where I was required to turn around business writing for multiple departments on same-day deadlines, often the same morning or afternoon. With a measured typing speed exceeding 90 words per minute at over 99 percent accuracy, I consistently produced 25 percent of the total work output for a department of 12 people, statistical reports showed. When my supervisor needed an important project done fast, she turned to me, because she knew she could rely on me to get it done right on time.

I brought that same work ethic with me when I shifted to full-time freelancing. When you hire me, I make it my job to help you get your project done on time and to make you look good to your readers. I can help you with virtually any kind of writing project, including:

  • Ghost writing: Your name goes on professionally written articles, books, audios, speeches, seminar courses, coaching programs, and website content
  • Copywriting: Attention-getting, persuasive, action-oriented copy in any format, including classified ads, sales pages, direct mail packages, and full-length catalogs
  • Public relations materials and kits: Promote your brand and expertise through newsletters, feature articles, press releases, and material for public speaking occasions like speeches, interviews, seminars, and coaching programs
  • Technical writing: Get technical concepts across to your readers in easy-to-read software manuals and documentation, proposals, specifications, and technical articles, papers, abstracts, and reports
  • Content writing: Original, professionally-researched quality content for any media, including e-books, print books, audio scripts, video scripts, and cartoon and animation scripts (I partner with some top-notch graphic designers and videographers and can help you put together a complete multimedia package)
  • SEO writing: Help your audience find you on search engines and smartphones with keyword-optimized content for website pages, blog posts, articles, press releases, sales pages, Facebook walls, Twitter tweets, YouTube videos, Google Places listings, and mobile text messages
  • SEO editing: Review your site to make sure you’ve selected the best keywords for your target market, you’ve placed them in the right positions on your site, you’ve structured your site so it can easily be crawled and indexed by search engines, and you’ve deployed an off-site promotional strategy that effectively supports your on-site keyword targeting
  • Website writing: SEO-oriented home pages and content pages, high-converting squeeze pages and autoresponder email series, and quality membership site content
  • Business writing: All types of business writing needs, including internal communication, B2B, and B2C, in any format from short correspondence to full-length white papers, reports, promotional books, and PowerPoint presentations
  • Editing services: I freelance edit for a print-on-demand publisher and can help you with any phase of editing, from reviewing a book proposal to proofreading a final product

I am also trained in marketing and sales, and can help you with:

  • Copywriting editing: Review and rewording to improve the effectiveness of your sales scripts, sales pages, email campaigns, ads, or commercials
  • Marketing consultation: Reword your marketing message into a focused phrase that multiplies the effectiveness of your sales, advertising, and promotion

See the links on the first top menu navigation tab or the left sidebar for more details about these services. If you see something I might be able to help you with, use the form on the Contact page to send me an email describing what you need. Let me know how I can help you!

At your service,
Roy Rasmussen