Clients & Testimonials

Partial list of clients:

  • Wisconsin Office & Data Systems
  • Firstar Bank
  • Northwestern Mutual
  • Wisconsin Electric
  • Johnson Controls, Inc.
  • West Allis Community Communications Corporation
  • International Wing Chun Kung Fu Federation
  • Ayr Gold corporation
  • Dit Da Jows herbal company
  • Marian Hartsough Associates
  • Sandy Doell, author of Mom’s Field Guide
  • Barry Pearl, author of The Essential Marvel Reference Project
  • Betsy Moore, home buying expert
  • Marsha Kearns, consultant and copywriter
  • Vince Palko, author, cartoon marketing consultant, and success coach,
  • Sandra Gehring, Emmy-winning author of Breaking Your Own News: Using the Media to Spread Your Message and Grow Your Business
  • Sherburne Commons senior living community
  • Paul Singh, start-up investing consultant, 500 Startups
  • Dr. Julie Helmrich, psychologist
  • Captain Lyle Bobzin, author of Flight Around the World
  • Steve Stillwater, green lifestyle advocate
  • Guido Rodriguez, Aden Pacific alarm company
  • Ruth Ratny, Chicago TV-film and advertising industry reporter,
  • Kimberly Harrison, Internet marketing consultant,
  • JK Worthy, how-to information website,
  • Kimberlee Augustine, DMS & Associates
  • Eric Lofholm, Eric Lofholm International
  • UBM
  • iAcquire


Roy is a top notch writer/editor/proofer and much more! I’ve worked with editors in the past that took too much license to change the written material and others who didn’t do enough to catch every grammar error. I enjoy working with Roy because he catches everything without losing my voice in the midst of it all. He will blow you away with his work ethic. . .I’d highly recommend Roy’s services.

–Vince Palko, cartoon marketing consultant, author of Tackling Life’s Problems, Linebacker Fitness, and Gridiron Mind Power, publisher of Underground Success Secrets,

I can’t begin to say enough about the generosity and thoroughness of Roy Rasmussen. . .and how he helped me. Setting up your own website is one thing as you can follow along step by step. But when it came time to write my free report, I stumbled. In fact, I did circles in my office, questioning my ability to do something like this. Yes, I can write but the words that say “Your writing style is fine” was music to my ears. But it didn’t stop there. Roy gave me specific pointers on how to improve my free report. He helped me focus on a couple of benefits so that my free report didn’t wander. Then he suggested different ways that I could format my work so that it would be more pleasing to the eye. Each point he made got my free report closer to being presentable so that it is now up and ready for my clients. . .You will be glad like I am that you have Roy Rasmussen on your team.

–Betsy Moore

We shared a lot of ideas on comics, people and graphic novels, making my comments sharper and more interesting.

–Barry Pearl, writing in The Essential Marvel Reference Project

Roy provided me immeasurable help and guidance when I was struggling with technical issues I couldn’t quite grasp. He continues to offer valuable support and direction whenever I need it. I rely on him for thorough analysis of my situation and for suggesting effective solutions. Everything he touches turns out better!

–Marsha Kearns, consultant and copywriter